Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Room 21 says THANK YOU to our swim coaches!

We love Friday's because its when we go swimming!

Gzeal, Leon, Bernard, Tukia, TJ and Dimitry during Water Safety week.

We have learnt..
To kick with fast feet

To blow bubbles when my head is under water

To wear a life jacket when I go on a boat with my friends and family.

If we capsize, to huddle together to stay warm.
Forming a huddle to stay warm
Getting ready for our next instructions

Leilani having her life jacket checked.

Thank you to the John Walker Find Your Field of Dreams Foundation for including our school in your community swim programme! We are so thankful.

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  1. Amazing writing to the swimming coaches about what you learnt and the skills you now know from going to swimming lessons like keeping warm. We liked seeing how thankful you are for going Room 21. From Room 19 & Mrs Greig