Sunday, October 11, 2015

Tongan Language Week at Yendarra

Yendarra share in the GREETING Malo e lelei
Malo aupito! to our Tongan whanau for sharing your love of language and culture through song, clothing and food.

Learning Tongan language this week has been a very ‘unique’ experience for our tamariki. We have learnt to appreciate each other’s cultures and experiences.  All classes had the opportunity to learn through pictures, video, stories, word charts, songs and live commentary from our Tongan teachers Mrs Tuikolovatu, Miss Tuli and our Tongan students.

When our Tongan whanau ‘dressed in their best’ we were all ‘star struck’ at how bright and beautiful everyone looked which caught the attention of so many compliments…

Your Tupenu makes you look neat, tidy and very tall…

You look amazing with bright colours…

The patterns weaved on your ta’ovala look awesome…

An impressive outfit must be made by some impressive family members…

If the week wasn’t already special Mrs Tuikolovatu and room 1 went visiting to share the Tongan love of song which made us all so very happy.


  1. We had so much fun learning more about Tongan language and culture. The Tongan children looked beautiful.

  2. Malo aupito, Yendarra!

  3. Congratulations children for sharing your beautiful Tongan traditional attire with us.

  4. Malo aupito fanau ako moe kau faiako. You all looked amazing Yendarra students in your Tongan attire.

  5. Malo e lelei Tongan whanau, Room 2 and Miss Ratu loved seeing your big, proud smiles as you entered school in your amazing Tupenu and Puletaha.

  6. Amazing week at Yendarra School. Beautiful Tongan attire all looked amazing.

  7. I love these beautiful costumes!

  8. Malo Tongan Cultural Group. you all look so amazing in your traditional Tongan dress. you all would make Tonga proud. love Ms Mahoney

  9. Malo Tongan Cultural Group. you all look so beautiful in your traditional dress. You would all make Tonga proud. love Ms Mahoney