Sunday, October 11, 2015

Safety with Electricity at Yendarra School

  On Wednesday 17th of September, Esther from Vector came to visit our school. She taught us some important lessons! Did you know that electricity can be very dangerous? It is really important that we understand how to be safe around electricity. 

Here are some ways to keep yourself and your family safe:

1. Never put electrical appliances near water.

2. If your toast gets stuck, unplug the toaster before you stick the knife in.

3. Do not fly kites near power lines.

4. Do not touch, kick or throw objects at power lines or transformers.

5. If power lines come down in a storm or because of a car accident, stay 6m away and ring the police on 111.

6. If people are trapped inside a car that has crashed into a power line, tell them to stay in the 

car and ring 111 for help. 

7. Don’t touch frayed electrical cords. If the plastic on the outside has worn away then the electricity can come out and give you a shock.

8. If there is an electrical fire, do not put water on it! Water is a conductor which means you could get electrocuted. You need to use a fire extinguisher. 

9. If someone is being electrocuted, do not touch them. Turn the power off at the main power switch and call 111 for the ambulance.

It was great to learn more about electricity. It is everywhere we go – our homes, our church, our school and the in the shops that we visit so it is important that we know how to keep safe.

It was really cool to see the kinds of safety gear that the linemen wear to work. Some kids even got to try it on!

Thank you so much Esther for your fun and informative show!

If you want to learn more about how to be safe around electricity you could visit 

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  1. I didn't know that you needed to stay away from transformers near the side of the road! This was an awesome show where we all learnt so much. Thanks for coming on your birthday and sharing your awesome knowledge Esther!